Tips for successful wooden floor installation and maintenance

Read the manual:

> Load and read the Timberwise installation guide 2020 carefully before actual installation. Note! 230 mm wide WiseLoc boards has to be glued from the end tongue.

  • Measure the humidity of both the concrete and the room air before installation. If the room’s air humidity is over 60% or the humidity of the concrete is over 80%, do not start the installation.
  • Even out and clean the sub-floor carefully before installation. Even very small loose dirt under the parquet can cause tension in the floor.
  • Plan the installation carefully. Arrange for the required tools and materials and calculate the parquet requirements carefully. Take time to read the installation instructions.
  • Proceed systematically and according to the instructions.
  • Install the flooring as separate tiles with expansion gaps. Installing the flooring of many rooms as a joined parquet area prevents the wooden floor from expanding and shrinking normally and causes tension in the floor.
  • Remember to add expansion gaps around solid structures and furniture.

Do not lock the flooring by:

  • installing heavy fixtures on the parquet
  • gluing the parquet to the sub-floor even partially
  • fixing skirting boards or thresholds on / through the floor or too firmly against the floor.
  • Maintain optimal conditions for the parquet before, during and after installation. (The relative humidity of the air 40% – 60% RH, temperature +18°C – 24 °C)
  • Do not use excessive force – the WiseLoc lock system may be damaged.
  • Overlap the floorboards according to the instructions and remember the minimum length and width of the boards on the edges of the floor.

Take good care of the floor:

  • Vacuum and mop regularly.
  • Do not use excessive amounts of or excessively strong detergents.
  • Clean stains immediately with suitable cleaning detergents.
  • Protect and recondition the parquet, if required.

Skirting board installation

Install the skirting boards to cover the expansion joints. The skirting boards are installed only on the wall, not on the floor.

T-list installation

The opening in which the T-list is to be fastened must be at least 20mm wide. Lists are always installed centrally in the opening and glued to the floor by the bottom surface of the ‘lips’ (with, e.g., Power Tac, Sikaflex, or another similar elastic adhesive). Place 10–12kg weights on top of the list. Observe the drying time provided by the adhesive manufacturer, and keep the weights on top of the list for the entire drying process. Do not walk on or near the list before the glue has dried in accordance with the instructions. The underlay must be very clean, and concrete floors must be treated with primer before mounting the T-list.