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Brinell value shows the hardness of the wood species

Brinell -table

The Brinell value describes the difference in hardness of different wood species. The higher the Brinell value of a wood species, the better the floor can endure impact and wear. The adjacent table shows the average hardness of wood species used in Timberwise plank parquets. For example, the Brinell value of ash is 3.2 – 4.7. NOTE! Pine has been removed from our product range.


Timberwise plank parquet dimensions:

Board widths:

  • oak products 150 mm, 185 mm, 230 mm and 270 mm
  • ash products 150 mm and 185 mm
  • larch products 185 mm and 230 mm
  • 270 mm products only with traditional glue joint and installed with glueing down to subfloor

Board thickness:

  • total thickness approx. 14,5 mm (0.6 inch)
  • surface layer thickness approx. 3.5 mm (0.14 inch)

Board lengths:

  • 2180 mm (85.83 inch) oak and ash
  • 2500 mm (98.43 inch) larch
  • allowed lengths are 2080, 2000 and 1818 mm (81.89 and 78.74 and 71.57 inch)
  • 900 mm (35.43 inch) and 925 mm (36.42 inch) Herringbone products
  • a package always contains the same length – no mixed random lengths

Board’s bevels:

  • 0,7 mm (0.03 inch) microbevels on the long side
  • 0,5 mm (0.02 inch) at the ends
  • microbevels emphasize the plank character of the board on the floor, but do not collect dirt and are easy to maintain!



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