Order colour samples to make picking the right wooden floor easier

When deciding between different colours and wood species, we recommend that you order samples. Enjoy our quick and easy delivery!

The pictures only show a small part of the floor. Due to the differences in screen colour settings, the pictures do not fully correspond to the real colour of the product. Wood is a natural material, so there is always natural variation in tones and grain patterns. The best way to verify the colour of the floor would be to see the wooden floor as a large surface.

Even if small colour samples cannot give you a full idea of how the finished floor will look like, they are of great help in choosing the right tone for your home. We recommend that you look at the samples in the location and lighting in which the floor will be installed. It is easier to see the differences between tones when you have something to compare them to.

We encourage you to order at least two different samples and compare them to each other. This way you will see if one of them has, for example, more reddish tones than the other. Wax and lacquer give different types of sheen to the wood. A sample will help you understand what the surface treatment looks and feels like. As the samples have been cut off from wooden floor boards, you will be able to see the high-quality structure of our wooden floor. With only two samples, you can test how our WiseLoc system works.

Order samples and have them sent to your home for just €1.90/sample!

We send all samples to customers in a mailing box. The samples will be sent to your home. The shipping costs are €9,90 (Europe)/ €19,90 (other) per delivery. One mailing box can fit four samples of size 15 cm.

Are you an interior professional? By registering at our sample shop, we can give you an even better service. You can fill out the registering form by clicking at the shopping cart symbol.

Click ‘Order a product sample’ and start shopping for samples.

Recycling instructions for ordered samples

You can recycle your colour samples in the way that suits you best:


  1. Take the samples to your nearest Timberwise retailer (a list of our retailers is available here)
  2. If the materials of the samples are safe to indoor air, the samples can be recycled by burning them in a fireplace or in the stove in your sauna.
  3. You can take the samples to a waste station along with other construction waste.
  4. Small quantities can be sorted as energy waste or mixed waste.