Fire classes C (fl) S1 and B (fl) S1 are available by special order.

(EN ISO 9239-1:2010 and EN-ISO 11925-2)

By special order, fire rating treatment is available for standard 14.5 mm Timberwise lacquered products of birch plywood structure glued to the underlay, providing fire rating C(fl) or the highest possible, B(fl).

The product is ready for use right after installation without separate treatment, which saves time and costs on site. The fire ratings are fulfilled using test methods based on the official European standard.

Note! The fire rating of standard parquet is D(fl) S1.

Timberwise’s ready-to-install Bfl-s1 class product has a wide range of advantages in public space construction, including:

  • enables use on sites where the fire rating requirement is Bfl-s1
  • requires no additional treatment after installation, no extra quality assurance, work instructions or official approval processes on site
  • improves fire safety in residential construction (such as blocks of flats), even though this is not legally required
  • treads glued on the underlay on stairs with Timberwise’s ready-to-install Bfl-s1 product also fulfil the Bfl-s1 requirement
  • if you want the best fire rating (Bfl-s1) for surfaces with M1 emission levels using ready-to-install solutions, Timberwise parquet is the only Finnish flooring that fulfils these without treatment after installation
  • the fire ratings are valid for industrially fire-protected timber products. This means that fire protection is provided at the site after installation, and insuring the desired outcome can be difficult. Any treatment on site, including work instructions, must be approved separately by the authorities, who may also reject it.

Fire rating C(fl) clearly improves the flooring’s fire protection, while fire rating B(fl) raises it to the highest possible level for timber flooring.

See test result reports here: Fire rating C certificate and Fire rating B certificate